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Courses - ON SALE NOW !

Introduction to Ventilator Management and Tracheostomy Tubes — $100.00 — NOW $50.00

- This class is ideal for New grad's, LVN's, RN's, family members of ventilator dependent patients or any professional looking to enter the ever-growing world of mechanical ventilators and tracheostomy tubes.This course will fulfill the requirements employers request for those seeking employment in Home Care or Sub-acute facilities.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

Describe airway anatomy,explain the purpose of a tracheostomy tube and it's components, demonstrate how to change an inner cannula or tracheostomy tube,explain how to perform trach care,explain the purpose of a speaking valve, how to assess and utilize properly

Define basic terms and concepts of mechanical ventilation. Indications for mechanical ventilation. Describe ventilator modes,settings, Describe alarms and causes and how to resolve each alarm.Perform circuit and filter changes and ventilator maintanence  Identify / resolve problems or issues associated with ventilator/ patient

Includes lecture, demonstrations, case studies, emergency scenarios, and the all important hands on training focusing on current models and introducing the latest in cutting edge technology for mechanical ventilators.

6 CE credits upon completion of course (RN LVN RCP)

Advancements in Mechanical Ventilation and ABG Interpretation — $100.00 — NOW $50.00

-  Prerequisites: Must have completed our Introductory class or have prior ventilator experience. This is an excellent class for those who  are looking to enhance their current skills and learn the latest developments in the constantly evolving field of technology for mechanical ventilators. Introducing new and advanced ventilator modes, Dual prescription and multiple profiles, Invasive vs Non invasive, CPAP/ Bi Level for Sleep apnea or COPD, Sip n Puff set ups This course also includes ABG interpretation with steps on how to correct abnormal ABG values with simple changes on the ventilator.

Includes lecture, demonstrations, media presentation, group participation, case studies and hands on training.

 Those working in alternate care areas (Sub-acute's, L.T.A.C.'s, C.L.H.F.'s, Homecare) new grad RN's & RT's and patient transport providers will benefit from this course.

6 CE credits awarded upon successful completion of this course (RN, LVN, RCP)


Introduction to Respiratory Equipment in Homecare — $60.00 — NOW $30.00

 - This course is intended for all health care providers who wish to learn how to utilize and maintain respiratory equipment. Comprehensive overview of respiratory equipment being used in alternate care facilities (C.L.H.F.'s, Homecare, L.T.A.C.'s, Sub - acute's)

Includes lecture, media presentation, demonstrations and hands on training covering but not limited to: aerochambers, aerosol therapies, air compressors, cough assist, CPAP/BIPAP, diagnostic monitoring (apnea,end tidal Co2, pulse oximeters) intrapulmonary percussive ventilator (IPV), low flow oxygen delivery devices, MDI's, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators, suction machines, vest percussion.

3 CE credits awarded upon completion of this course (RN, LVN, RCP)